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Default Re: Week 8 Game Thread and Discussion

DM's the third rookie in the past 25 years to rush for 130+ yards and receive for 70+ yards if only he had top level speed...would have had another 25 yards and a TD

anyway, haven't been this satisfied w/ a bucs win in a couple years. just a complete game - last time i felt this way was probably when they played NO's in 2010.

this team is buying what schiano is selling. freeman just needs to remain confident and hopefully that happens with consistent coaching. he completed four straight long 3rd downs that really sealed the game. it ate up half the clock. 80 yards + a TD. just a back breaker and the crowd was silenced.

the numbers might not show it but that was one of freeman's best games of his career. it's games like these that make TB fans want to keep him so he can turn that corner. so much potential there.

credit to the o-line for keeping him clean. penn ate allen's breakfast.

mike williams is becoming one of those consistent one on one catchers as well. always had great body control and hands but now he's adding a bit more physicality to it. if he doesn't get the ball, he does all he can to make sure the defender doesn't either. and the way he tip toes the sidelines and end zone? that's elite stuff - great balance. you saw that TD catch right? there's plenty of WRs that would get their feet tangled in that situation. williams not only had the concentration to reel in the pass but he had the body control to not get his legs tangled and drag his toe. like i said, elite stuff. he's a mini aj green. yep, i said it and i'm a huge aj green fan.

obviously green is better but williams does profile and has some similarities to green. biggest difference is that aj much, much better at getting separation so he'll always be the much better WR1. williams has just proven himself to be a solid WR2. like i said, mini, emphasize

first time the team has ever had three straight 400+ yard games as well. they've scored 100+ over three games.

listen, this team might not even go .500 but just know that they're at least going to fight and won't lay down. this isn't last year's bucs.

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