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Default Re: Just drafted, rate my team.

Originally Posted by bluechox2
i drafted:

(9) Kobe Bryant SG
(12) Carmelo Anthony SF
(29) Steve Nash PG
(32) Amare Stoudemire PF
(49) Tony Parker PG
(52) Tyson Chandler C
(69) Anthony Davis PF
(72) JaVale McGee C
(89) Carlos Boozer PF
(92) Nikola Pekovic C
(109) Raymond Felton PG
(112) Jeff Green SF
(129) Steve Novak PF

is this roto or h2h?
have to honest and say im not feeling kobe/nash/amare. its not that im saying these are bad picks but at the respective rounds, there should have been safer players to grab. But it might still turn out to benefit you. I like the Davis at the middle round and love the nikola and felton picks so low. Although if it were roto, i see no reason to keep novak.
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