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Default Re: Mavericks claim Eddy Curry off waivers...

Originally Posted by gasolina
Not really laziness by cuban but he did offer chandler i gigantic one year contract. Obviously he didnt want his hands tied to make a play for deron/dwight. Of course, it didn't go as planned last summer but you can't pass up setting your franchise up for the next 5 or so years.

Anyway, deron's opted out next year right? Who else can dallas offer their capspace to?

You also can't make it so obvious that you turn the guy off. Cuban did that.

He had Haywood, so it wasn't so bad. Haywood isn't as good as Chandler, but he's a legit player and was already signed to that awful contract.

But this year Cuban signed Kaman...Kaman is good enough, but he's not the player to put next to Nowitzki. People can say all they want, but Nowitzki is a terrible defender. He's a good post defender and a good team defender, with good hands. But he doesn't guard pick n' roll or anything else coming at the rim. He needs the right guy at center. Marion is perfect at the 3 next to Dirk (best thing that happened to them was Butler going out, as Marion is better and better fit), but Dirk needs the right center. Asik would have been great.

And Cuban is so busy calling out the Lakers that he's killing any chance he could have at Dwight, if Dwight was to leave.
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