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Deion Sanders Tweets “Yes Lawd” After Winning Prenup Challenge Brought by Wife Pilar

It’s the divorce that just won’t go away. Deion and Pilar Sanders are right up there with Usher and Tameka Raymond in the messiest divorces of all time category, but today, at least one of the key battles has been decided. A judge ruled against Pilar Sander’s claim that the pre-nup agreement she signed was partially forged and pages were added.

Pilar Sanders had maintained that she was tricked, but the judge ruled that Pilar willingly signed the agreement.

“She was tricked and defrauded at the time she signed agreement,” said Pilar’s attorney Larry Friedman. “Deion never intended this to be a lifetime commitment.”

Deion Sanders said his wife knew what she was signing and is now trying to get extra money out of him.

Deion’s attorney Rick Robertson, said Pilar got a $100,000 bonus for signing the prenup, and concluded, “If the marriage was a fraud, then annul it and give back the money. Give back the $100,000 signing bonus.”

Deion Sanders said Pilar was just being greedy.

“Greed, greed!” Mr. Sanders said. “You signed it and now it’s over and your lifestyle is over, so you want to fight it. Greed.”

The judge agreed that there was no fraud, and asked Pilar’s team not to bring the issue up again.

Following the verdict, Sanders posted the following message on Twitter:

“Boy i wanted to get up and do my dance today in court! I always told you a lie has No endurance and the Truth will win in the end! Yes Lawd”
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