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Default Re: Just drafted, rate my team.

Originally Posted by brandonislegend
Kyrie Irving (Cle - PG) 8th pick
LaMarcus Aldridge (Por - PF,C) 17th pick
Al Horford (Atl - PF,C) 32nd pick
Paul Millsap (Uta - PF) 41st pick
Mike Conley (Mem - PG) 65th pick
Danilo Galinari (Den - SF) 74th pick
Raymond Felton (NY - PG,SG) 89th pick
Brandon Knight (Det - PG,SG) 98th pick
OJ Mayo (Dal - SG) 113th pick
Derrick Favors (Uta - PF,C) 122th pick
Chandler Parsons (Hou - SF,PF) 137th pick
Jeff Green (Bos - SF,PF) 146th pick
Nick Young (Phi - SG,SF) 161th pick

Milsap Horford and Aldridge is a great start. Irving is a little overrated imo but he is still going ot be nice paired with conley and felton.

The problem i see with your team is you started big and turned small.
Your team is great in Fts and 3s but pretty average or slightly above avg in everything else.
I would see how the team does for a few weeks. Then when you see the stats your winning or close to winning, try to trade Horford for someone that will help you build on those. Also i would drop Nick young right now for someone with rebounds and blocks
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