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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by el gringos
I would never trade Carmelo if I was Knicks- I was just trying to see where you are coming from. So you only want to see completely unrealistic ideas? What is the point of that? I was so into the idea of trading amare from the second Carmelo was acquired because they don't fit together and his trade value would only go down. So for 2 years I was the idiot for wanting amare traded- now everyone here is there.

Now I'll spend the next while being the idiot for saying chandler needs to be traded. Chandler is a luxury the Knicks can't afford, not without a real # 2 option. I wish the Knicks could keep him but the top of the roster needs addressed. So if you want call the idea of trading chandler stupid all the way until he no longer has trade value and then expect him to be traded for Kevin love.

First of all they do fit together. They just had the wrong coach for most of the time. When they played together under Woodson they were like 9-1. The problem was D'Antoni.

Secondly Amare has never been tradeable for fair value because of his health and huge contract. Taking pennies on the dollar for him is dumb as fck. Melo came to NY to play with a star. He didn't come here to play with Denver east. The duo needs to be given a chance before you break it up.
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