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Default Re: BasketballJones48021 - Larry Bird - Passing Skills part 2 (14:45 Minutes of Beuty)

Originally Posted by Round Mound
I Think From a "Stand Still"...Larry Was The Best Passer Ever.

I Don`t Mean Easy Assists that are the Result of : "Creating" through "Ball Handling", "Dribbling" "Moving the Floor" or "Creating Openings" like what Cousy, Maravich, Magic, Isiah , Stockton, Nash and Lebron Did or Do (In Their Times The Best) but Just PLAIN SIMPLE PURE PASSING Bird > Any Player Ever.

If Bird Had Handles and More Athletic Ability He We Would Have Been The Best Ever By Far.

Simply a Joy To Watch

I agree, he did all the stuff you mentioned also but the most amazing stuff is the "standing" passes. Also his arm strength is f**king amazing, throwing passes like a QB sometimes.

He was a really good ballhandler though so handles is not really the case, but yeah he had the lack of lateral quickness and "guard speed" to play PG like Magic or to handle the ball many times like LeBron, considering guys 6'8 and above. Plus he was better playing SF/PF, because of the style of his game.

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