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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

superb. and i know you guys have probably had enough of my bitching about the refs but i'm not just being a garnet & gold colored glasses homer here....ACC refs were officially reprimanded and the lead ref in that miami game was banned for a game. that game was just marred with bad reffing.

it was 12-1 in miami's favor by the middle of the fourth quarter. the waisome PI and two PI's on kelvin were absolute garbage. the hip check penalty was laughable. miami grabbed a guy around the shoulers/head and threw him out but apparently that's fine. then you add in the 10 second run off fiasco before the half.

jimbo's complained and sent tape to review but i don't think he can really do much else. at the post game PC, he just looks like he's tired of talking about it. on paper, miami was overmatched at just about every level but apparently fsu has to cheat to win....that or they're the least disciplined team in the whole nation.

ACC refs suck on an entirely different level of incompetence. either ship them out or pay to get some better guys but fix it. these aren't 50/50 calls either. they're plain phantom, shitty calls. you don't have to be biased to see how terrible that game was officiated. so ya, not saying noles are a contender if it weren't for reffing. they have their own issues, mainly committed to many unforced mistakes.

TD was taken away too on a phantom call. just makes it really hard to coach a team because they're not really doing anything wrong. messes up the flow and makes it hard to watch too. this is not something that should be a talking point. unfortunately, i need to see a little more than a public reprimand and fine at this point. reffing in this conference has been sub par for some time now.

for a while i thought pac 12 refs were just as bad, but i take that back. you fools can have the ACC refs. i'll do a clean full crew swap on the spot. ACC refs are ridiculously bad.

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