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Default Re: Is Tyrann Mathieu going to be a victim of Clarett's Syndrome?

Originally Posted by Carbine
Jenkins got kicked off Florida, went to a new school for a year and came out as a second rounder. If he was clean all through out he was probably top 15 no questions asked.

Using that as a guideline, and if the honey badger takes a simiilar path by going to a new school next year and coming out for the 2014 draft....3rd rounder seems logical.
Like you said, Jenkins was considered a top 10-15 pick before he got kicked out of Florida, Before all of this stuff happened, Mathieu was probably a 3rd rounder, now after all of this, he's bordering on undrafted territory. He's nowhere near the cover corner that Jenkins is. He's very small, and isn't a good cover corner. He's a very exciting player, and is dominant on special teams, but he's not a great NFL prospect. And with all of his issues, he'll be lucky to get drafted at this point.
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