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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
two losses at home for OU this season. ND will go to the NC game if they win out imo. told you guys their defense is legit...great gap integrity and incredible open field tackling. they are sound fundamentally and te'o has to be a heisman finalist.

i heard so many people say sooners were going to run the domers out of the building this week. i thought sooners would win by a TD or so. 11 point favorites and they lose by 17....

if kansas state keeps winning, ND vs. them would be a great matchup. too bad we don't have the +1 playoff system in place yet. arghh. a good team or two is going to be left out of the NC game yet again.

Landry has more home losses than our other qb's combined since Stoops has been our coach. I've tried to be patient with him, but its clear he is what he is. I think our overall play calling was soft as well. Even with Notre Dame playing not to give up big plays I would have liked to have seen us try a few deep balls. I'd have also liked to have seen a few screens since their line backers played so aggressively to take away the run. Better play action and missing in some misdirections would have helped. The refs made some bad calls, but we still played too passively.

Props to Notre Dame. They are our bane.
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