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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

^ agree. tedford got them to where they are but he hasn't been able to get them to the next step. i think cal fans are tired of mediocrity. they want more and are willing to take a risk on someone else.

- logan thomas said he's coming back for another year. pretty much the easy choice at this point - way too raw to enter the draft.

- fsu covered the spread with 2 TDs on top but i mean...not really that impressed overall. getting the dook thing out of the way, they were just so sloppy. 4 TOs, none of them really forced. two fumbles and a muffed punt. sixth muffed punt of the idea why this team can't return for shit. this is where they really miss greg reid, not on defense.

just mistakes and self inflicted wounds. also couldn't believe how long fisher kept manuel in the game when it was well over.

looking forward to the game vs. the gators. they're really good at forcing TOs so i don't see why they won't get a couple on the noles either. their main problem is they don't score off TOs which is something the noles do DO. i expect the noles to load the box to stop the run. florida's weakness, as seen today, is obviously passing and converting 3rd downs. i think rhodes, waisome and darby should all be handle to shadow their receivers for most of the night. that game is going to be won in the trenches. i'm convinced the team that can rush more wins.

- crazy stat of the day: aggies scored 28 points before auburn even got a first down. that's just mind boggling. auburn gave up the most points since 1917 and suffered its worst home loss ever. chizik has to go.

- can't believe espn kept replaying it like it was nothing either...should have just refused to do that and told people to search for it if they want to see it. that's just really poor taste imo.
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