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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

well i see where i seem to disagree with everyone. i don't regard cal football that highly, for them to reach the next level. cal has a mediocre football history and cal hasn't been to a rose bowl in 50 years. i think their recent success under tedford was the best they will do, and now it's back to mediocrity, where they belong.

but let's ignore my clear bias(i'll admit it ). tedford has no buyout clause and his contract runs to 2015. They could not raise enough money for their stadium and facility renovations, and from what i last heard are using the pac12 channel deal to aid in payment. where do they get the money to pay out his contract to 2015, pay for their renovations, and pay a new head coach? no big name coach will accept a job at cal. what makes you think they will get a good recruiter? their best recruiter tosh lupoi was a cal alum and wouldn't even stick with the program, he left for the same position, dline coach, to udubb.

ok i'll confess. their demise would mean one less school to compete for california recruits with and i'm bitter about what happened a couple weeks ago.
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