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Default Harden traded...a huge tremor for my other fav. NBA team not the Raptors

So I am of course a Raptors fan because they are my home team.

But my 'for serious' fav. NBA team is the Thunder, and they have been since Durant's rookie year in Seattle.

So my immediate reaction to the Thunder trading one of my fav. players in the league is...frustrated disappointment.

But it does give me a chance to bring to the surface some of the reservations about Harden that I began to develop as his playing style changed late last year (after the Artest elbow).

Harden suddenly became one of the league's worst floppers. Embarrassingly, Chris Paul-level bad. In the playoffs it was truly ridiculous.

And then there is his decision-making process in this situation.

Anytime such a trade with a key player on a team with chemestry gets traded, the general idea is that the organization/GM then has to take on the role of explaining why a trade not wanted by the key players took place.

But think about this Harden situation.

Their big 3 are/were supposed to have had epic level chemistry.

Yet Harden would have to explain to Durant/Westbrook that even though the Thunder made him multiple very large offers that were only slightly below the max, that he valued the extra $1 million/year over the friendship/chemistry, and over making deep playoff runs well into the foreseeable future. Durant and Westbrook both made concessions in their contracts. Harden flaked out for the small amount of extra cash, the ball was in his court (i.e. OKC made a fair and high valued contract offer), and HE FLAKED OUT.

So Harden better not say a thing about valuing the chemistry/friendship in his upcoming interviews, which you know he will, but it will be bull$hit because he is the one who flaked out.

To take it back to the Raptors a bit, with the combination of the undesired location of Toronto for NBA players and the fact that MLSE will NEVER spend big, despite being in a spend-big classed city and having the money, there is NO WAY Toronto is ever keeping a team of premiere-level players on board, let alone a single top calibre player. So unless ownership changes, there is no way Raptors are EVER seeing a late playoff run.

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