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Default Re: Harden traded...a huge tremor for my other fav. NBA team not the Raptors

This is one of those rare trades that seems to be good for everyone involved.

- OKC ownership is "crying poor" and not willing to go into the luxury tax so this had to be done. I'm sure it makes sense as a business decision but it's not a good sign to their fans. They do get some immediate help back at SG with Martin to make another deep playoff run plus some potential in Lamb.

- If I was a fan of the Thunder, this is an unfortunate wake-up for them that their team will not be run like LA, Dallas or Miami. It still comes down to the bottom line. It's a good thing they at least have great management.

- Houston gets the best player in the deal and a core piece they can build around for years. Houston is going to have Harden through most of his "prime" years.

- Harden absolutely made the right call in declining the offer. In restricted free agency he would have received multiple max-deal offer sheets. It's not even speculation. It would have happened. OKC's offer to him was laughable.
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