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Default Re: Browns Look Smart For Not Drafting Blackmon

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Yeah, you know what was really funny? That was the best play he could have made in that situation. Want to know why? That play was on 4th down. By catching the batted ball and throwing it again for a catch in the end zone, he forced the defense to accept the penalty and it gave us an additional play that we wouldn't have had if he simply ran with the ball after catching it. If the defense hadn't accepted that penalty and given us that additional play, the touchdown would have counted. Had he not thrown the ball again, it would have been a turnover on downs. So, while you may think it was dumb, it was actually the best possible outcome after the ball was tipped.

By making a play which you deem stupid, he actually gave us one more shot at a score late in the game.

And, he hasn't been throwing INTs, let alone dumb INTs. He hasn't thrown an interception in the last two games and has only thrown one interception in the last three games... And that came off of an unlucky tipped ball at the line, not a misread or stupid throw.

And, just as important, he only has one fumble this year and it was in the first game.

Again, I'd like you to cite these "dumb" interceptions he has apparently been throwing lately... Because, as someone who watches every second of every game, I haven't seen one in quite some time. I think maybe the last really bad interceptions he's thrown was back in the third week of the season against the Bills, and that only came after we fell behind late and he was forced to take shots down the field into coverage.

Not sure what you're seeing.

Well im not talking about a short 3 game stretch im talking about the whole season. Just look back at his 1st game and the tons of rookie mistakes he made there. But anyway im actually defending weeden on here many ppl think he sucks but I dont

He also makes the mistake of just eyeing down one part of the field numerous times. I can show you a video if you want

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