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Default Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Things I didn't like where the inventory system being essentially stripped from the game, eg buying different weapons (It's now the basic rifle, pistol, then you research the laser rifle pistol then research plasma rifle, pistol) as well as the different ammo types which you'd use on different aliens (you'd use armour piercing on Mutons due to their heavy armour, Chrysslids you'd use incendiary)

Research is completely stipped down to the bare essentials, you only get 1 different craft to build with alien technology and a lot of the recoverable items from crafts aren't researched at all. Base defences are completely removed, so that's another aspect of the game gone as well.

One of my biggest gripes was when moving soldiers they no longer stop once an alien(s) gets in their line of sight. In the old X-COM, they'd stop, giving you enough left over time units to either fire, or get out of their sight, whereas in this one, they just keep on walking, and if it's on your second turn, they'll walk right out and give an alien a clear shot at you with no cover.

Stuff like Shoops was talking about with cover and such are excellent additions and was something that always pissed me off about the originals. Things like the special skills are good additions, so for instance one special skill is covering fire, which is helpful if you want to pin an alien down and flank him. Overall it's a good game and I enjoyed it, but it's just scaled back from the original in order to appeal to those who aren't interested in all the details, which seems to happen to a lot of games nowadays, but once again as Shoops said, it's kinda a remake in name only and takes the basic turn based forumla and idea for the game and creates it's own game out of it, so the things I hated is more a case of my expecting items from the previous game to be imported in, rather than just judging on what was given.

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