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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by Rameek
I cant believe so many people have issues with National Guard Reservist getting ambushed. I guess its not an ideal situation to be in an open area like that but if a zombie swarm came that would be kinda a good way to see them coming where you can decide to fight or flight.
It's pretty convenient, but they mentioned that a number of the Governor's forces were ex-military. That's all it takes. BECAUSE THERE ARE ZOMBIES. "Raise from the dead? OK, cool. BUT ATTACK A RAG TAG MILITARY GROUP!? REALITY SHATTERED!" C'mon people. Understand what you're watching.

Either way, if one of the biggest complaints of the season so far is a National Guard Company getting ambushed from higher ground then well...SHIT IS DRASTICALLY IMPROVED. This is TV drama zombie logic. I don't get how anyone can get all the way through season 2's just complete awfulness and NOW complain.
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