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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by LJJ
I don't think it's that these people weren't complaining before, but that their complaining still.

The ambush was just a weird scene. This was a organized military outfit, who are still supplied and such so they have been doing rather well, they've already lived through the zombie apocalypse for about two years. (??, don't know exactly, it's been a while)

They've undoubtedly already seen how desperate people have become. They've been through some shit. So not only do a whole pack of people sneak up on them, they also are clean taken out with no resistance at all? It's just very silly. The entire show is silly of course, but let's not act like that scene was thought through.

Yep exactly.

This is the reason why I felt like it lessened the effectiveness of the Governor in my eyes which is why I called him a Boss Bandit character which is exactly what he came across as.

I mean really, dude is gon' drive a station wagon or whatever the hell the hoopty was he was drivng, waving a ****in' Bounty the quicker picker upper paper towel like "Don't shoot! I'm a friendly!" and the unit falls for that shit, THEN commences to get bucked by the Gov's hidden group that snuck all the way up there in some long grass w/ out being seen at all and not even get off a single shot?!? Meanwhile Rick's got enough sense to shoot dude right thru the head in that bar when he sensed a lick of trouble from those bandits when they went to get Herscel, and Rick's a sheriff but these dudes trained to use heavy artillery ain't do shit?!?

Scene was terrible straight outta a SyFy channel original movie terrible.
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