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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by WillyJakk
Yep exactly.

This is the reason why I felt like it lessened the effectiveness of the Governor in my eyes which is why I called him a Boss Bandit character which is exactly what he came across as.

I mean really, dude is gon' drive a station wagon or whatever the hell the hoopty was he was drivng, waving a ****in' Bounty the quicker picker upper paper towel like "Don't shoot! I'm a friendly!" and the unit falls for that shit, THEN commences to get bucked by the Gov's hidden group that snuck all the way up there in some long grass w/ out being seen at all and not even get off a single shot?!? Meanwhile Rick's got enough sense to shoot dude right thru the head in that bar when he sensed a lick of trouble from those bandits when they went to get Herscel, and Rick's a sheriff but these dudes trained to use heavy artillery ain't do shit?!?

Scene was terrible straight outta a SyFy channel original movie terrible.
It was pretty bad. They could have done a "The Governor is a dick" scene way better. We get it, he's a dick. Let's get back to the story.
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