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Default Re: GIRLS!!!!!! I just don't understand them

Originally Posted by Umad101
***...... Well here's my story. Tonight I was doing a holloween bash for school. Music, food, party etc that sort of thing to raise money for school. Well there was this Colombian chick(god she was cute as ****) at the end of the table who was also helping with the fundraising. The whole time she was eye ****ing me. Like literally every time I pass by she would look at me and smile, and when I look at her she would put her head down quickly. It took me like and hour just to build up the courage to go talk to her. I know beta right but I usually never approach girls so my heart was racing. So I go talk to here, the whole time I was nervous but I doubt she can sense that cuz I didn't stumble over my words and they came out smooth and confident. I told her she was cute and asked for here name, major, where she from. The whole time she was giving me one word answer and saying nothing Back. In my head I'm like aren't u going to ask me anything or compliment me cuz I was running out of shit to say. Also there was a slight pause and it got a little awkward cuz I was out of things to say so I said it was nice meeting u and left. In my mind I was wtf happened wasn't she eye ****ing the whole time to make a move, I did and nothing happen.

ISH players need ur input

Maybe she was shy and your confidence/charisma was too much for her she couldn't handle it, hence the one word answers. (not all girls have the confidence to socialize as much as you are the first time...ya need to break the ice) Also why did you leave just because there was an awkward pause? Did you ask for her number or ask her out to hang out or w.e? Maybe she was waiting for you to ask!
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