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Default Re: what physical feature & personality trait do you hate most about yourself?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY

Same here. "The deepest human need is to be appreciated." I thought that was some bullsh!t, just like love. I thought there were way too many exceptions to the rule (like the men who keep this society together without receiving any thanks) but its becoming more and more evident.

They say that in the act of giving is a way of expressing love and when you express that love it transforms BOTH the beloved and the lover. Therapeutically.

But when there's no reciprocation, that's when the act seems worthless.

I'm thinking that you would go to the ends of the Earth for your son and wife.. but if all of a sudden they were cold, and stingy with you.. it'd relaly make up the bulk of the thoughts huh?

Same thing happened with my roommate. Lent money, gave support, rides, and all that. Always thought reciprocal altruism and kindness were completely engraved and a facet of being human. Guessed wrong.

edit: Macho man. Nope, IRL speak concisely with necessity. weird.

You nailed it.

I'm that guy who pays for all the drinks, goes out of his way to make sure everyone is included, plans the sickest events...
Yet the moment something better comes along I'm the one left out. Maybe it's more the friends I keep. I've really became bitter towards a set group of friends because of it and stuck close to maybe a handful.

But my family is a different story. I ask nothing in return and am genuinely in love with my wife and give all I have to my son. I got criticized once on here for giving $50 every check to my son for allowance. I do it because I want to and it makes me feel good to provide that for him.

For the record, I think people like you are rare in which you can elaborate. Can roll with the jokes yet get serious and lay out concise thoughts. A very unique and admirable trait.
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