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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

I've seen just about enough of this clown of a coach, Mike Brown. First off I'm sure he had a big say in why the Lakers didn't sign Leandro Barbosa and cut Chris Douglas Roberts (the guy who avged 17ppg a few seasons ago). Look at what Barbosa did tonight against the Heat, 16 points on 6-7 shooting all in the 4th quarter alone. Miami had no answer for him. How the hell do you not sign the guy? He's a 39% 3pt FG shooter for his career and had a hell of an Olympics for Brazil. How much of a no-brainer is that?

With such a terrible bench, you'd think his dumbass would be a lot smarter and keep or get guys that can actually score for the 2nd unit. Instead no, we're stuck with Steve ****ing Blake who can't even avoid spike strips while walking in the parking lot at the mall and Jamison at the 3 spot when Barnes was cut for the SOLE purpose of letting Ebanks take his spot. Not only did Ebanks not play tonight, World Peace played 36 minutes as the SF, nice rotation dude

The team as it stands is not championship calibur. You think back to the last two championships, they had wings that could actually run, defend, were versatile and be explosive, guys like Odom, Ariza, even Shannon Brown. Now you got slow old guys like MWP and Jamison, and Ebanks who doesn't even get playing time.

Not only that, you force Steve Nash, a guy who has played small ball his entire career to walk it up the court with a prime Dwight Howard. He loses all of his magic when you force him to play a half court game, that's why the Suns could never get passed the Spurs in the playoffs. Mike Brown doesn't know how to utilize his player's strengths. Give him free reign to run all the pick n rolls he wants, you can lie to the media but not to real fans that watch the game.

God, I have not seen a coach as bad as this guy in all my days. Spare me the optimistic crap, I've had enough of seeing this guy running the Laker's franchise and Kobe's last days into the ground.

Fire Mike Brown as soon as possible. This so called "hybrid" Princeton offense looks more like a prince ton of shit to me.
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