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Default Re: I want to punch Mike Brown in the face

Originally Posted by worldbefree
1. It looked like it was the first time the starting 5 was on the same court together, ever.

2. The offensive plan was not having an offense plan

3. The defense again was zero defense

4. The lineups, subs, etc...

I lost a significant amount of money on what I thought was the easy bet of the night.

Mike Brown and his stupid faces he was making all night. He basically quit after the first half chalking it up as the first learning experience.

This year, will elevate Kobe's status because he has won with a lot less.

Tell Kobe to play a role and be a spot-up guy will prove why he cannot do that and why he's one of GOAT.

Nash needs to be an above average Fisher.

Dwight needs to be an above average Bynyum.....then the Lakers will win with Kobe ball.

LOL @ sharing the ball for the sake of it.
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