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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by LJJ
This was a organized military outfit, who are still supplied and such so they have been doing rather well, they've already lived through the zombie apocalypse for about two years. (??, don't know exactly, it's been a while)

Rather well? The pilot said their base got quickly overran by zombies and only like 10 escaped. Also, it's a group of reservist military personnel. It's not like they were some sort of badass full-time unit.

So not only do a whole pack of people sneak up on them, they also are clean taken out with no resistance at all? It's just very silly. The entire show is silly of course, but let's not act like that scene was thought through.

They were hidden while the Governor drew their attention by driving up to them waving a white flag. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't really that far out of line compared to many other things that have happened. The Governor got them to lower their guards and then they got ambushed. The helicopter was sent out as recon, so I could see them being lazy to their surroundings. The only silly part was that they all just stood there while they were getting shot at.
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