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Default Re: Assassin's creed 3

Originally Posted by GOBB
I dont put stock in game reviews either. But Assasins Creed to me has never been a game worth $60. $40 is ideal. You arent going to play thru the story more than once unless achievements were missed and cant be achieved without a 2nd play thru. Multiplayer is fun tho but nothing that gets you addicted enough to play daily like a sports game or fps.

I've played the AC series and enjoy them. Just gonna wait til price drops/sale.

I couldnt care less about reviews. Doesnt affect if I buy or not.

I do but only metacritics and
I went with my gut a few times, despite the reviews being really poor and thoroughly did not enjoy the game. If the game fits your preference and the score is high, it's a great indication that you will enjoy the game.

I remember so many of my friends encouraging me to pick up Mafia II for PS3, the reviews were pretty bad but I got it anyways. Although the game was fun, the score it got reflects its quality. It's a sandbox game with a really dead environment and very little re-playability. The story was done well, but it was no where near as good as my friends claimed it was.

So I do tend to trust the accumulated scores critics give games. I just never trust one particular site.
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