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Default Re: Browns Look Smart For Not Drafting Blackmon

Originally Posted by bisk
Shawn 'Vowels' Lauvao was the Browns' top graded player last week. OL doin' work.

Btw, RBA, think we should address DE with our first picks in next year's draft or rather get a defensive back? Browns desperately need to generate a pass rush in my opinion and I could see us going for Jarvis next year. Sheard's been getting a lot of double teams this year, after his big rookie season, but our DL can't seem to take advantage. Those 2 coming of the edge could be a beautiful thing to watch. Or we could Winn play at DE, he's been making some noise, and have Jarvis play SAM.
I've had my eye on Jarvis all year and I think he would be exactly what this defense needs. One thing that Sheard is really missing right now, though, is Phil Taylor. Those two played off of one another so extremely well last year, with Taylor eating up space and requiring a lot of attention and Sheard feasting on one-on-ones as a result.

If offensive lines tried the stuff they are trying now with Phil in the middle, he would be wreaking havoc. I remember how disheartened I was when I heard about his injury in the offseason. We have been seeing its devastating impact all year. That isn't to say that guys like Rubin (when he was healthy) and even the rookie Hughes haven't done a nice job, but they aren't Phil Taylor.

As for corner, it is obviously a position which needs to be addressed, but this draft doesn't seem like the one to do it with our first pick. There isn't a Joe Haden type of prospect out there, it doesn't seem. Maybe that is a spot we can address in free agency.

All I know is that, if we have a healthy Phil Taylor and we add Jarvis to the mix, that is going to be a very formidable front 7.
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