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Default Re: Valanciunas earns starting role

Originally Posted by Jballer
" In a related announcement - MLSE Board of Directors announced Valanciunas will start at Center.

MLSE Management recognized that with the Toronto Maple Leafs not playing this season and unikley to ever be very good, the Toronto FC football club being so terrible; we needed to create some sort of aura of excitement around the only one of our teams still playing.

While we recongize that this team will most likely fail to reach the playoffs or win a championship in the next 3 years - we needed a new "hope and promise" theme - similar to the ones we have been selling for the past 10 years - that allows us to charge $73.50 for an average ticket, $7.00 for a Hot Dog and $12.00 for a small cup of beer at the ACC.

We informed Dwyane Casey this would be a good career move; and Bryan Collangello was fully supportive in telling Casey what to do - as we are currently working on his contract renewal.

We hope the fans will continue to be bamboozled by the ongoing hype for the remainder of their lives"

Typed it out of my own little head.... spelling mistakes and all...

Sort of inspired by an old John Candy clip at the movie theatres when he was a co owner of the Toronto Argos (back in prehistoric times)

Waiting for L'beast to come on over and spell check it for me
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