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Originally Posted by Dukem
I figured i'd bump this thread up by saying that I have dropped two players and made a few others stumble. I predominantly use my right hand but I'm fairly average with my handles however i'm inconstant with my jumpshot. So here's the scene, I dropped the player (The first player I dropped) by using the crossover and it felt so good and I felt so proud that I shot a 3pt shot after I got the space that came from dropping him. My a$$ shouldn't shooting behind the arc and I obviously airballed the shot and so my teammates on and off the court went from going 'ohhhhhh' to 'you f*%Ģing asshat.'
And that is why, at one point during the And1 era, it became popular for some players to break an opponent's ankles then just throw the ball into the crowd, the epitome of lame. You did what you were supposed to. You could have easily copped out and just broken the dude off then punted the ball into traffic and walked home for the day with one triumphant fist in the air as you disappeared into the horizon. But you didn't, and I respect that.
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