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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Yeah but you have to admit DK,

we expected this offense to be a struggle. We talked about it before. Secondly, its a new roster that was put together. two new players on the most important positions of basketball. The PG and C.

By default they'll eventually come together just because they're a good team.

Now I know in the past I've had the back of Mike Brown. Im starting to soften my stance a little bit. I think it wouldn't do us any harm if after a while we can find a replacement first, and then relieve Mike Brown of his duties. But if we fire him now, we got Eddie Jordan as head coach... Not sure he's much better.

Sure, I expected the offense to struggle somewhat but this is way beyond comprehension......I don't this what they are doing right now will ever work, Brown is clearly in way over his head. They are not positioning players in the spots to make them successful, To create a successful offense it is essential that you get the ball to the right guys in the right places to score. As I said before, having Pau so far away from the basket is idiotic, you can run the same style of offense but tweak it to make it work. Having Nash walk the ball up, just as stupid. Do I want Eddie Jordan as head coach....Hell No!!!!
There are a bunch of experienced successful NBA coaches who would LOVE to have the job....what better team to coach??? If we want to make a change we won't even need to search, they'll be calling us!!!

Yes Lakerfreak you too will wake up and realize that Mike Brown is not a real basketball coach....I've been telling you as much from day 1. I will welcome your full awakening, free of your rose colored glasses

You actually THINK the Center position is so important in the NBA today????
I argued with several people that the Center position in the NBA is at it's weakest point by far in at least 40 years, and that the addition of the 3 point line is to blame. People argued with me.....but guess what? The NBA itself agreed with me 100% and have REMOVED the Center position from the All-Star ballot....yes REMOVED IT COMPLETELY!!!!!

Do you actually think it is hard to add a PG and Center to an offense NO!!! Having a quality experienced center and PG make things a hell of a lot easier, the PG runs the offense and creates, the C is going to be close to the basket and not all over the place.....those are actually the easiest positions to coach. No excuses, Dallas had way more new players and was missing their 2 biggest guys in Dirk and excuse at all for losing. Carlisle is a good coach but not a great one.......we have the worst coach in the NBA....even worse than VDN.
We should have fired MB right after last season.
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