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Default Re: Only 6 corporations own the Media in our country..

Originally Posted by Riddler
Yea but for some reason nothing is credible unless it's reported by CNN.

And when the mainstream media does report something it's not suppose to...
It's forgotten.


They report things like that once, never mention it again, keep it stuffed out of focus on the website, etc. And then spend 30 minutes during prime time discussing whether we need to spend 100 million or 101 million on some jobs bill.

The mainstream media, like the politicians themselves, are only about the illusion of choice. Everything they do is through the prism that the state is almighty. This guy supports X level of government, this guy supports Y, but at the end of the day, they both believe the government has a legal and moral right to do what they do. It's just a matter of degrees.

Government has become the new religion for Americans, and the mainstream media is Church.

It's like if the slaves had news. One news site says the master should beat them 10 times a day, the other says 7. One says the slaves should be allowed 1 book per year, the other says 2. And the people who say the slaves should just be free are called "nuts."

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