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Default Re: Kawhi with his second straight game of 5 steals

Originally Posted by SCdac
People say Bruce Bowen alot, but upon closer look Leonard is more like a stockier, slightly less athletic Shawn Marion (who lead the league in Steals a couple years). Like Marion, Leonard can do a little bit of everything, is efficient offensively, and he knows where to be on the court to get the steal, rebound, open look, etc. I could see him averaging 14-16 ppg if given the touches and role in a offense that needs it, Bowen couldn't do that nor would he be asked. Bruce, unlike Leonard, also rarely dunked or put the ball on the floor.

The only thing that I think Bruce and Kawhi have in common is their quick feet and pesky length. Otherwise Kawhi is much more athletic, stronger on the boards, better finisher, better handle. Most people would tell you Bruce was a below average offensive player other than his corner shot. If Kawhi can get his corner 3 to peak Bowen's level his game will be even more of a beauty to watch.

I think Leonard is absolutely killing it this year. He's much more confident than he was last year, not afraid to take his shots, active all over the court, and making big plays like that huge steal on Westbrook in the last minute of the fourth tonight. This kid really improves every game and I'm stoked at how his future is looking. Spurs for life hopefully.
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