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Default Re: Kawhi with his second straight game of 5 steals

Originally Posted by SCdac
People say Bruce Bowen alot, but upon closer look Leonard is more like a stockier, slightly less athletic Shawn Marion (who lead the league in Steals a couple years). Like Marion, Leonard can do a little bit of everything, is efficient offensively, and he knows where to be on the court to get the steal, rebound, open look, etc. I could see him averaging 14-16 ppg if given the touches and role in a offense that needs it, Bowen couldn't do that nor would he be asked. Bruce, unlike Leonard, also rarely dunked or put the ball on the floor.

I like the Shawn Marion comparison, although Matrix, especially after a few years in the league, played down low more (which you can see in his rebound numbers). I say a Scottie Pippen comparison fits better and that's saying a lot. Kawhi doesn't have the same court vision, but definitely that same defensive talent (and same build), can put the ball on the floor and knock down open shots as well.
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