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Default Re: As a NBA fan nothing gets me more excited then opening night for the Toronto Raptors

The game against the Pacers was euro like, lots of contact, no calls. What I liked most was how Val played in this game. He never backed down, accepted the contact and gave it to.
I think this game was an aberation to a normally refed game in the NBA. I don't think we'll see to many games with this much contact, at least until the playoffs.
The Raps lost, but as a first game I think it set the tone for what it takes to be successfull in the NBA. It really had a playoff atmosphere IMO. The contact, the non calls, the battles underneath the basket. I think it was a perfect game for the Raps.
Yes they lost, yes they, in this game, had nothing coming from the wing, yes DD tried and did not get calls and shrunk away. But what a lesson this game was. It was a perfect opening game. Andrea got to see just how tough it could be against an aggressive big that did push him around.
All in all I thought this game showed them just how hard it will be to get those wins. If they learned how much work it will take to play competitive teams, maybe just maybe they will learn how important it will be to win those games they should win in this weaker division.
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