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Was playing 2on2 with my friends and received the ball at the 3pt line. I hate to be the ball handler and my best friend checked me, who I usually cannot surprise, but this time it worked.

I faked a behind the back cross and put the ball through my legs from the right hand to the right hand. He thought I did a behind the back and shifted to my left side. I then initiated to do an ordinary cross to the left, but he was reacting to the first move and trying to get to my right sight. At that very moment I slapped the ball back with my right hand palm to the right instead of doing the cross to the left. He reacted to the cross though and fell on the floor to my left.
His defense was so out of sync with my moves. It looked so awkward. I never pulled off something like that and was quite surprised by myself. I hit the subsequent layup, so no bricking three for me.
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