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Default Re: People actually think that reducing the size of military will weaken America...

Originally Posted by knickballer
Not at all.. Reducing the military would be the best thing for the country. Terrorism will actually decrease and the debt will decrease. We have no reason to be in the middle east or to have military bases in Germany, Japan or where ever else.

But of course you have idiots(many on this forum as well) who think we need to occupy and attack every country to keep ourselves safe.

how does terrorism decrease when they already hate us, and have been trying to attack us for years? so if we just stop you think they're going to stop? wouldn't common sense be that they will be more free to recruit, organize, and become stronger?

there are so many things wrong with the Ron Paul school of thought domestically and with foreign policy that its a shame so many people who hate both left and right buy into it. i can get behind a independent in the middle but not Ron Paul's ridiculous policies with no government agencies and doing nothing abroad thinking everything will fix itself
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