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Default Re: People actually think that reducing the size of military will weaken America...

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Military spending is prob the most ineffecient portion on govt spending but somehow cutting costs is a bad thing. That is why most "fiscal conservatives" are a joke.

Unfortunately, I think we will continually emphasize our military more and more as China closes the GDP gap and eventually surpasses us. We will resort to threats of violence more and more in an attempt to hold on to our global primacy. We will take actions in Asia in an attempt to contain China (strong pacific alliances, setting up new military bases (Darwin, Australia)).

We have already begun to pivot our national security focus over to East Asia.

We don't say this, but obviously its to counter Chinese influence and maintain America's dominance in the region. We won't be able to use soft power in Asia for much longer, we will need to decide whether to let Asia go or resort to overt military intervention.
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