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Default Re: People actually think that reducing the size of military will weaken America...

Originally Posted by Godzuki
just stop replying to me with your nonsense, and start reading some current events before yapping. thats what the Syrian rebels said, quoted directly from them i don't know why you keep acting like you know stuff when you don't seem to read any current events.

heres the CNN article, i'm sure a lot of other news sites have it as well since its world news:

I am replying with actual facts rather than gossip, you go "supposedly" we all know how it worked last time in Iraq. Stop using nonsense like that when you try to discuss. So now we're supposed to believe the rebel leader, Muhiyee Deen al-Zein?

And somehow you missed out on following;

"But there's no smoking gun connecting Tehran to the recent airstrikes -- leaving only a distant, suspicious hum in the air over Syria."

And I am not supporting the syrian regime, nor do I support all these rebels.

And I reply with current facts, you whine about Iran "supposedly" helping Syria, but just months ago in Bahrain when they tried to go all in for freedom Saudi Arabia sent forces to crush protestors. So is your concern about the people in Syria or just because it's Iran who gets accused for helping the regime? You've never commented once about Saudi Arabia crushing protestors but accusations towards Iran is something you bite on directly. And the major fundings to muslim terrorist groups which you're so afraid of come from Saudi Arabia but still you're spamming about gossip and misquotations. It's all politics.

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