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Default Re: People actually think that reducing the size of military will weaken America...

Originally Posted by knickballer
Use some logic idiot. If we constantly blow up the Middle East and occupy their countries they are going to hate us. For example, If Canada occupies us and uses drone strikes to kill supposed "terrorists" in the United States or anyone who opposes them wouldn't you be mad? Wouldn't you constantly try to kick them out? We are in their countries and the only reason you think they are a threat is because you are brainwashed idiot.

you do know they were attacking us before we ever occupied dumbass?

the bottom line is we can't go back and de-enemy those that already despise us, and this idea they're all going to stop because we stopped is just so naive, and ridiculous. so what we make some more enemies due to our proactive approach against them, the alternative of not doing anything for them to freely plot and hit us is much worse.

its just common f'n sense.
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