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Default Re: People actually think that reducing the size of military will weaken America...

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
Terrorism would decrease if stopped spitting in the middle easts face. We have been doing so since 1948. It takes a lot to incite a weaker entity to engage a stronger entity. We have provided ample reason for them to hate us.

But dont worry we wont be cutting the military significantly, we will continue to cling to our last advantage of the rest of the world. Also you are right if the only thing we did was to cut our military they would still hate us. We would need to stop our policies in the middle east. We obviously wont do that.

to what degree would it decrease do you think? like how many extremists are out there that are dead set on attacking us vs those that we make enemies from occupying? and is a decrease good enough justification to you to ignore and allow them to freely plan and plot to do it? its not good enough to me especially when we know for sure there will still be a significant number of terrorist organizations trying....

the other thing is they also hate us based on our policy, like with Israel. that isn't going to change. whats your suggestion with that? they don't like that we deal with the Saudi government or the Saudi government deals with us. how do we handle their feelings with that? do we give in to everything they have an issue with so there might be a decrease in terrorists?

i just think we have to deal with the current realities where we can't go back and reverse time to fix whatever enemies we've created to this point. and we have the might to at the very least deter them significantly, if not wipe a lot of them out over the long run. obviously not without expenditures or lives but i think the threat is very real and its not going to stop just because we leave them alone.

and it might be a small thing to a lot of you but don't discount the threats we get from extremists halfway across the world when somebody mocks Mohammad. its just a example of what we're dealing with here, that is more based on them dictating their will's to us under threats of violence than us them. it won't ever stop.

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