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Default Re: People actually think that reducing the size of military will weaken America...

Originally Posted by Godzuki
ughh god you're so f'n dumb. stop replying to me

thats who they're hiding behind stupidass, which is obvious. i don't need to spell out if we are proactive against the terrorist groups its going to affect them in some way. and nobody ever said anything about declaring war on the middle east, in fact we're currently working with most of their governments.

You're dumb and it's a fact that no one ever agrees with your nonsense.

Nothing you write ever makes sense, you want a war with Iran based on rumours. You're even so stupid that you used the "Oh, their president threatened to wipe Israel off the map" which was an obvious misquotation which you never understood before you got called out for your ignorance.

Now you whine about Iran "supposedly" helping the regime in Syria and that they are funding terrorists. But you didn't even know that the majority of the fundings to these muslim terrorist groups in the Middle East come from Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia sending forces to destroy protestors in Bahrain was something you didn't give a damn about either. But now you're suddenly whining about Iran "supposedly" helping Syria against rebels, a quote you got from a rebel leader..

I do believe that FOX News and media like that are the one's who got you all war hungry when it comes to Iran but you only prove your ignorance when the major fundings to muslims terrorist come from Saudi Arabia, the same country who is an ally of the US. But still you're all obsessed with Iran and now you're crying out about Iran "supposedly" helping Syria in their fight against the rebels but you don't give a damn about Saudi Arabia crushing protestors in Bahrain.

It's politics, don't be naive.

You're so ignorant and stupid..
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