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Default Re: Only 6 corporations own the Media in our country..

Originally Posted by joe
I don't think the number of media outlets is the problem as much as their connections to the government and the biases that stem from those connections. 4 nonbiased media companies would be fine.

Owning your own business is overrated, nothing like being a slave to a huge corporation, minimum wage, while the money that went to dozens and dozens now go to only 4, sitting still on off-shore accounts, doing wonders to the economy.

I can see it already, middle of the third world, not between countries, but between corporations and Joe will be like " That's fine, we got five corporations in all the word, in the end of the war there will be only 3, more than enough... I work 20 hours a day, i'm starving and i will be killed soon because i'm to weak to work, but hey... we don't have governments any more!! YEAH!!!

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