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Default Re: Best Reference Made To Basketball In A Rap

Originally Posted by STelfair31
an NFL one

"When Its Reppin Time Freestyle" Lil Wayne CD: THE DROUGHT 3

I got a great idea we should have sex
B.itch I'm like Dante Hall i just throw up the X


ayo, didnt it seem like wayne repped DIPSET wayyy too much on that reppin' time freestyle.. like.. i am a huge dipset head, but thats just ridiculous..

anyways, heres my lyrics

I was forced to eat, anything you lost I keep
Shot the fifth, and then like a Piston, toss the Heat (Bye)
Now round the corner, up the block, cross the street
Up fifty flights, iight where the bosses meet
And the Porsche is peach, felt like Boston George
Left Boston Market, did deals on Boston Beach
Now I bought the beach, all because they applaud my speech
One ***** crossed the chief I know you heard he lost his teeth, and it's Killa
- Cam'Ron
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