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Default Re: QB Collin Klein, why no NFL hype?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
yeah that's what it says on the Walter site

I guess my confusion stems from the fact that somehow you can be an awful passer in college football and still complete 70% of your throws, which is a higher % than Peyton Manning had in college...strange but true I guess

QB stats in college mean little to nothing I guess when it comes to being an NFL prospect...probably shouldn't have even looked at them
I think a lot of it depends on the offensive system the college team runs.

I agree stats and team success mean nothing to NFL scouts, all they care about is size, arm strength, throwing mechanics, intelligence and the offense they ran. It's all about raw tools, if a guy has a weak arm or wasn't in a offense that translates well, they will be largely ignored by the NFL.

You should remember Sooner QB's like Jason White who were incredibly successful college QB's but held no interest to NFL teams because of their lack of NFL tools.

I think Klein is an intriguing player, but because of his lack of arm strength and his whacky mechanics he's not worth more than a late round pick IMO.
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