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Default Re: People actually think that reducing the size of military will weaken America...

Reducing the size of the military is a necessity, especially in this economy and especially since the War is drawing down to a close. Unfortunately, if you reduce the military budget, our vets will be the ones left without jobs and/or basic needs while all the aircraft, tank, and missile contracts will still be left intact.

As for military reductions and defense? We only need to expand special operations instead and not allow them be used by politicians to promote an agenda (otherwise, everything else needs to be cut). We could've saved hundreds of billions if we let Special Forces (The Green Berets) handle Afghanistan. They had already toppled the Taliban before conventional troops stepped foot and has the kind of nation build and cultural sensitivity training that no 19 year old grunt has.

Also, contrary to popular liberal belief (I'm liberal btw), having military bases around the world ISN'T as bad as it sounds. It actually prevents major conflicts from erupting (no one wants to use military might because it would erupt into a full-scale war where everyone loses).

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