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Default Re: knicks without stoudemire beat the heat by 20

Stat is a Knick player so obviously he sucks, like Zach was a joke and now is a great player despite posting the exact numbers he did with the Knicks.

Amare Stoudemire is an all-star player period! He had the bad luck of being coached by the worst coach in the NBA for like 8 years, teached him nothing about defense, and was always spoon fed by Nash and had the space to operate that no other player in the NBA had, it was Amare in the paint and the other 4 players behind the 4 point line, yes 4 point line, that's how much space he had. I remember D'Antoni publicly bashing Fields because he attacked the basket! Hes was messing Amare spacing

So yes when you have a horrible coach for 8 years that teach you nothing and caters to you, you gonna be a flawed player.

The good news is despite his age, this means Amare still can improve his game, the bad news is he can't get healthy lately.

Said this, he needs to come from the bench and slowly build his way to the starting five.
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