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Default Re: Walking Dead this Sunday

Originally Posted by sixerfan82
There are plenty of instances of silent zombie killing in the first 2 seasons sans michonne.

Yes, but i prefer a 30" inch or maybe an Odachi (35"+++++ inch blade Katana) tamahagane folded steel nihonto blade that cuts thru anything like butter thank you :)

You can cut thru infinity amount of zombies with that thing without ever getting touched, you will die only after you get exhausted of swiping lol...

..and Michonne is also a genius because of those 2 zombies, took out their stomach so they dont feel hunger, took their jaw/hands so they cant bite/grab/scratch, any zombie becomes tame/harmless that way.... she can carry her stuff on them, they live very long (they starv but extremly slowly) and most importantly its perfect camouflage (other zombies smell & see her and them, think she is one of them), so she wont have to face "infinity amount of zombies", nobody has been that "silent" sans Michonne.... hell, she is actually more than silent, she is almost invisible that way to zombies... and extremly deadly....

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