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Default Re: People actually think that reducing the size of military will weaken America...

Originally Posted by Kobe 4 The Win
The enemies of the future like the Chinese and the Russians are going to require larger numbers of forces than the wars in the middle east. Also, what wins wars for us is technological superiority and that costs money. The .gov blows through money like a coke addict. We need to reign in spending that is not neccessary. National defense is one of the few important responsabilities that .gov has. How does sending billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that hate us benefit the citizens of the USA?

Foreign aid is about 1% of government spending, getting rid of it does nothing.

Secondly the vast majority of foreign aid goes to countries who are allies (at the very least their governments are) or countries we are strategically interested in (Eg. its important for Pakistan to have money to protect its nukes so they dont go loose). A miniscule amount of foreign aid money goes to countries that don't benefit America at all.

Technological superiority is what will decide who has the strongest military, we agree there. Spending mountains of money on increasing the size of the military doesn't necessarily help its technological level. The most important element in fielding an advanced military is economic success. Stimulating the economy and helping people find jobs is the best way to ensure our national security.
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