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Default Re: People actually think that reducing the size of military will weaken America...

Originally Posted by Kobe 4 The Win
I don't have words to describe the f**king idiocy I'm reading in this thread. Terrorism will decrease if we cut our defense spending? They hate us because we bomb and occupy their countries. What muslim country were we bombing and occupying on 9/11 or the first time they tried to blow up the WTC? Pick up a history book you f**king morons.

How can a strong military by numbers prevent the US from assymetric war attacks? The war on Iraq/Afghanistan weren't the first wars/revolutions in the middle east/asia the US took part.

Originally Posted by Kobe 4 The Win
The enemies of the future like the Chinese and the Russians are going to require larger numbers of forces than the wars in the middle east. Also, what wins wars for us is technological superiority and that costs money. The .gov blows through money like a coke addict. We need to reign in spending that is not neccessary. National defense is one of the few important responsabilities that .gov has. How does sending billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that hate us benefit the citizens of the USA?

If the US would aid the money to education and development of those countries instead of having huge amounts of footsoldiers you'd get rid of those hateful people.

Al-Quaida recruits 8 years olds from families, because they cannot afford their kid. The US should try to make those kids openminded. Build schools, create chances for those people you war against instead of killing them. They'd be grateful if their outlook in life would be something else than opium farmer or suicidebomber.

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