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Default Re: People actually think that reducing the size of military will weaken America...

Originally Posted by LuppersGB
nice, decent and enjoyable read. Though contrary to what I said earlier I would like counter this argument:
In a world of uncertainty that we live in the only currency is power. What is power? is it economics? - yes in part, is it diplomacy? - yes in part or the notion of history and prestige? - yes again. However the real truth is that power lies in violence, the true concept of a nation state relies on the ability to act violently to legitimise power. Thusly, in a world of uncertainty surely increasing the monopoly, of the ability to assert, power through its one true identity:violence is the only way to truly defend yourself.
Well, I do believe in using military power as a key component of foreign policy. Economic power and diplomacy are other factors as well, not to mention sound intelligence and proper use of advisors.

Notice that I said "power" and not "force". Military power to me is utilizing the capabilities you have in such a way that it's a presence in negotiations. Utilize the potential of the military more than actual force, because this will lead to concessions by foreign leaders. We know that we can blow any country's capital to ashes in hours, we must use that to our advantage..but not practically unless that time and place comes.

For example, if Iran wants to continue down this path, we have to continue using economic sanctions but assert our military capabilities too and stress to the Iranian leadership that we won't back off. This doesn't mean a full on use of force, the only way I would advocate that would be if Iran attacked Israel.
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