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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Yeah, keep giving them the same stupid song and dance every time I disagree with you. Tell me what the point of discussing anything with you is? I respond to what you're trying to say in a post, but it's 'nitpicking'. That's how forums and discussions work. If you don't want a discussion, then say "I can't defend my posts and I don't want a discussion" instead of the feminine BS you give me. I'm obsessive because I refuted what you said? It's not obsession. It's me trying to understand people's ****edass logic (like now). You don't make any fucking sense and it seems almost pointless to talk with you. Asking you to defend anything you post seems to be too much to ask of you, so what is the point of your posts in the first place? And yes, I like the word "****"
no... no point in my posts. i'm obviously here to wind you up.

but pardon me for having a flawed opinion on something, forcing you to jump in to my reply to someone else and detail all the ways in which i was wrong. what an annoying inconvenience. pardon me also for not being particularly interested in defending every nuance of my highly-flawed POV to your complete satisfaction. again, that must totally suck for you. really, i can't believe you're forced to live in a world in which losers like me exist. it's so incredibly unfair.
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